55 Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me (Best Locations)

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

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Did you search “free coin counting machines near me?” You will be surprised how far your mason jar full of coins can go!

Whether you’re paying off debt, building an emergency fund, or even just want to go on a shopping splurge, the coins you’ve been saving for years can definitely add up.

According to YouGovAmerica, more than 35% of people collect spare change in a jar.

But where exactly can you exchange them for cash? In this post, we’ll provide you with several places and ways to get the most out of your coins.

Tip: Make sure to check couch cushions, clothing, in-between the seats of your car, and anywhere else around your house that might have coins before you take them to get exchanged. If you have young children, I’m sure they’ll be happy to look for you!

1. Banks or Credit Unions

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

Coin counting machines allow you to exchange your coins for paper money and a lot of banks and credit unions have them.

However, if you’re not a member you may not be allowed to use them or will have to pay a fee.

Coin counting machines may also only be available at select locations of each bank and credit credit that has them.

Considering this, before you go to your local bank or credit union with your coins, call ahead and ask questions such as:

  • Do you have a coin counting machine?
  • Is there a fee for members/non-members?
  • Are deposits only offered to account holders?

If the bank or credit union doesn’t offer coin counting, you can ask if they accept rolled coins. If they do, make sure to ask again whether or not you have to be a member and if there’s a fee.

Nearly every bank will give just about anyone free coin wrappers, whether they’re a current customer or not. However, if you can’t find a bank that will give you free coin wrappers, you can always buy some at a Dollar Store or Dollar Tree.

Banks and Credit Unions That Offer Coin Counting

Here is a list of several banks and credit unions that offer coin counting and the fee they charge. Of course, this list is not extensive and there are many other banks and credit unions throughout the United States that offer coin counting.

  • US Bank: current customers only
  • Community Savings Bank: requirements vary
  • cPort Credit Union: 5% fee for non-customers
  • Cape Bank: free for everyone
  • Home State Bank: 10% fee for non-customers
  • Wells Fargo: customers only
  • Eastern Bank: 5% fee for non-customers
  • Alabama One Credit Union: customers only
  • Republic Bank: free for everyone
  • JBT Bank: 5% fee for non-customers
  • American Eagle Federal Credit Union: free for everyone
  • First County Bank: 10% fee for non-customers
  • UnitedOne Credit Union: 7% fee for non-customers
  • Webster Bank: current customers only
  • Peoples United: 11% fee for non-customers
  • Freedom Credit Union: customers only
  • TCF National Bank: 8.9% fee for non-customers
  • Eastern Bank: 5% fee for non-customers

Banks That Do Not Offer Coin Counting

Here are several banks that no longer offer coin counting. However, some of them may accept rolled coins.

  • Citibank
  • Chase
  • Capital One
  • PNC Bank
  • Bank of America
  • TD Bank
  • BB&T

These banks have determined that the value coin counting machines provide their customers is far less than the cost to maintain them. Some of these banks have even gotten sued over coin counting accuracy.

2. Stores That Have Coin Counting Machines

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

If using a coin counting machine at a bank isn’t an option for you, there are quite a few retail stores that may have one that you can use at select locations.

The most popular coin counting machines that you will find at retail stores are run by Coinstar. I’m sure we have all seen one in our local supermarket.

Founded in 1991, Coinstar is the most popular company that offers coin counting machines.

In fact, since their inception, Coinstar has processed more than 800 billion coins worldwide. Coinstar also has more than 23,000 kiosks in North America, Japan, and Europe alone.

Simply put, Coinstar kiosks make it very easy to dump your coins into their machine, allow it to count them for you, and then collect cash in exchange for your coins.

You can typically find Coinstar kiosks in the lobbies of various grocery stores, retail stores, and even drugstores, such as Walmart, Safeway, CVS, and many other stores.

Now that you know about Coinstar, we will now discuss how their coin counting machines work.

How Coinstar Machines Work

1. The first step to use a Coinstar kiosk is to remove dirt, debris, lint, and any other objects from your coins. This will help prevent the machine from spitting out any coins it can’t identify.

2. Once your coins are clean and you arrive at a Coinstar kiosk, the next step is to choose cash, eGift card, or a charitable donation in exchange for your coins and then accept the terms and conditions.

3. After doing so, fill the tray with your coins and then lift the handle to guide them into the slot. Depending on how many coins you have, it may take some time for the machine to count each one.

4. If the machine spits out any of your coins, this may be a result of them being foreign, damaged, or even non-coins. If they are in fact undamaged U.S. coins, put them in again and it may register them the second time around.

5. Even if the Coinstar kiosk doesn’t spit out any of your coins, you should still check. There’s a chance that the previous person who used the machine didn’t realize some of their coins fell through because of how loud the machines can be when counting coins.

6. Once the machine is done counting your coins, you will receive a voucher to exchange for cash, a voucher with a unique eGift card code to use online or in-store, or a receipt for a tax-deductible charity donation, depending one which option you chose at the start of the process.

7. If you chose to receive cash, take the voucher to the customer service desk of the store you used the Coinstar machine at. They are the ones responsible for providing you with the cash in exchange for your coins.

Coinstar’s Fee

Unfortunately, Coinstar charges a painfully absurd fee of 11.9% to turn your coins into cash. This is nearly $3 for every $25 worth of coins you exchange.

However, some Coinstar kiosks offer a few other payout options that don’t charge a fee to exchange your coins, which we will now discuss.

3. Opt For an eGift Card

Exchange Your Coins for an Coinstar eGift Card

Instead of getting cash for your coins, you have the option to choose an eGift card instead. This is a wonderful alternative because you will not have to pay a fee.

You also have the option to choose an eGift card to a wide range of companies, from restaurants to movies theaters, and even Amazon.

However, keep in mind that the eGift card options will vary depending on which Coinstar machine you use. Some Coinstar kiosks may not even offer the option to choose an eGift card instead of cash.

Here are the most popular eGift card options offered at Coinstar kiosks:

Note: Every eGift card option offered by Coinstar comes with a minimum and maximum dollar amount. However, amounts are subject to change.

  • AMC: $10 to $100
  • Amazon: $5 to $1,000
  • Apple: $10 to $500
  • Applebee’s: $5 to $500
  • Chili’s: $5 to $100
  • Domino’s: $5 to $100
  • GameStop: $5 to $500
  • Gap: $10 to $500
  • IHOP: $5 to $200
  • Krispy Kreme: $5 to $200
  • Starbucks: $5 to $500
  • Sephora: $5 to $250
  • Southwest Airlines: $25 to $500
  • Ruby Tuesday: $5 to $200
  • Red Robbin: $5 to $150
  • Outback Steakhouse: $5 to $500
  • Nike: $5 to $500

4. Donate Your Coins to Charity

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

Another way to bypass Coinstar’s fee is to donate your coins to a nonprofit. Although Coinstar isn’t partnered with many charities, there is a wonderful option for everyone.

Similar to eGift cards, the option to donate is not available at every Coinstar kiosk. The available charities to choose from at kiosks that do will also vary from location to location.

If you decide to donate your coins, make sure to keep your receipt because your donation is tax-deductible.

Here is a list of charities Coinstar has partnered with:

  • American Red Cross
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Feeding America
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Make-A-Wish
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • United Way
  • The United Nations Children’s Fund
  • The Humane Society of the United States

Popular Stores That Have Coinstar Kiosks

Here are several of the most popular stores that have many locations with Coinstar kiosks:


With stores in all 50 states, Walmart is a great place to use a Coinstar kiosk to exchange your coins. In fact, according to Business Pundit, 90% of all Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart.

Although most Walmart locations have a Coinstar machine you can use, some Walmart stores don’t. However, with more than 4,700 locations across the United States, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that does.


Hannaford has more than 180 supermarket locations in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Many, if not most, Hannaford locations have Coinstar machines in their lobby.


With over 2,000 locations spanning across 34 states such as New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, Albertsons is a great store to exchange your coins for cash.

Keep in mind that not every Albertsons location has a Coinstar kiosk in their lobby.


Meijer has more than 240 supercenters in six Midwest states including Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Most, if not all, Meijer locations have a Coinstar machine in their lobby.


With stores in every state except Wyoming and over 9,000 locations, a CVS Pharmacy is pretty easy to find. Many of them also have a Coinstar kiosk that you can use.

However, I recommend you check ahead of time to verify the specific CVS store has a Coinstar machine before bringing your coins to one of their locations.


Focusing on metropolitan areas and having locations in more than 34 states, Safeway is often a popular grocery store where Coinstar kiosks are present.

However, like the majority of retail chains, not every Safeway has a Coinstar machine in their lobby.

Fred Meyer

Owned and operated by the Kroger Company, Fred Meyer has more than 130 locations across western United States, specifically in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, California, and Washington.

At many Fred Meyer locations you can find a Coinstar kiosk available for use.


Unfortunately, Kmart has a dwindling number of locations in the United States, with less than a total of 40 stores. However, many of their locations that still remain have a Coinstar kiosk in their lobby.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a subsidiary of Kroger and has more than 250 stores across seven U.S. states. These states are Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia. There are also Harris Teeter locations in the District of Columbia.

While not every Harris Teeter supermarket has a Coinstar kiosk, most locations do.

Additional Stores That Have Coin Counting Machines

Here is a list of additional stores that have coin counting machines at select locations:

  • ShopRite
  • Foodland
  • Hy-Vee
  • Food Lion
  • Pavilions
  • Neighborhood Market
  • Harvey’s
  • Giant Eagle
  • Baker’s
  • City Markets
  • Ralphs
  • King Soopers
  • Cash Wise
  • The Food Emporium
  • WinCo Foods
  • Food 4 Less
  • Jewel Osco
  • H.E.B
  • Shop ‘N Save
  • Lowe’s
  • Kroger
  • Superior Grocers
  • Acme
  • Randalls
  • Fry’s Marketplace
  • Vons
  • Farm Fresh
  • Winn-Dixie

While this is a very long list, it’s by no means extensive. If you need to find other stores that have a Coinstar kiosk, you can use the ‘Find a kiosk‘ tool on their website.

5. Exchange Your Coins at a Casino

Exchanging Your Coins at a Casino

Many casinos will exchange your coins for cash for free. Simply go straight to the cage with your coins and see what they say.

Keep in mind that you may need to dump your coins into one of their casino cups prior to bringing them to the cage. As silly as it is, some casinos have a policy to not accept “outside” coin cups.

While they may assume you’re going to spend it there, you’re absolutely free to simply walk out the door once you’ve gotten cash for your coins.

6. Spend Your Coins Instead of Exchanging Them

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

Instead of exchanging your coins for cash, you can simply spend them.

Here are several ways you can spend your coins:

  • Eating out: exchange at Coinstar for a no-fee eGift card to a select restaurant
  • Self-checkout kiosks at stores
  • Kids allowance
  • Parking meter fees
  • Video arcades
  • Vending machines
  • Bus fares
  • Tip jars

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me FAQs

Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about free coin counting machines.

What Banks Have Coin Counters for Free?

As previously mentioned, while some banks do have free coin counters, most require you to be a current customer.

However, there are a few banks and credit unions that offer free coin counting to both customers and non-customers. Some of these banks and credit unions include Cape Bank, Republic Bank, and American Eagle Federal Credit Union.

A few banks and credit unions that offer free coin counting only to current customers include Wells Fargo, JBT Bank, UnitedOne Credit Union, Peoples United Bank, cPort Credit Union, and US Bank.

Is There an Alternative to Coinstar?

Yes, there is an alternative to Coinstar. KIOSK, ZIVELO, SlabbKiosks, Harpeth Industries, Olea Kiosks, Hotel Business Centers, and Meridian Kiosks all offer alternatives to Coinstar.

However, all of them also charge a fee similar, if not more than Coinstar. It’s also more difficult to find locations with these coin counting machines than it is to find locations with Coinstar kiosks.

Is Coinstar Free at Walmart?

While most Walmart locations have Coinstar kiosks available, they are not free to use if you choose to receive cash. If you do, Coinstar will charge you a whopping 11.9% fee.

However, if you choose to receive an eGift card or make a donation instead, Coinstar is free to use.

Does CVS have Free Coin Counting Machines?

Similar to Walmart, CVS does not have free coin counting machines. The Coinstar kiosks you’ll find at CVS also charge an 11.9% fee.

Again, keep in mind that you can bypass the fee by choosing to receive an eGift card or make a donation instead of receiving cash.

Final Thoughts on Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

Finding a location near you to exchange your coins for cash may be closer than you think. If you don’t mind paying a fee, a Coinstar kiosk may be the most convenient option.

However, using a bank that you’re currently a customer of is the best way to exchange your coins for cash for free. Although, as provided above, you have six options:

  1. Call a bank or credit union and ask if they offer coin counting
  2. Use a Coinstar kiosk and pay a fee of 11.9%
  3. Use a Coinstar kiosk and opt for a gift card to bypass the fee
  4. Exchange your coins for cash at a casino
  5. Donate to a nonprofit charity
  6. Spend your coins instead of exchanging them for cash

Now that you know where to exchange your coins for cash, don’t forget to use this money to improve your financial situation, such as paying towards debt, building an emergency fund, or even investing for retirement.

While you may not think your coins will add up to much, they can definitely make an impact!

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