Caleb Reed

Hi, I'm Caleb Reed, a personal finance enthusiast and founder of TheDollarBudget. Using my financial education from Boise State University, I help people save money, supplement their income, budget, and ultimately achieve their financial goals! I have been featured in media outlets like Yahoo Finance, MSN, The Balance, Bankrate, The Penny Hoarder,, GoBankingRates, TheStreet, Apartment Therapy, Suggest, ConsumerAffairs, House of Debt, FinMasters, GoDaddy, The National,, Clever, BestColleges,, The Stock Dork, Credello, The Network Journal, Clearway Law, The U.S. Sun and many more!

Monthly Budget Template

15 Best Monthly Budget Templates and Tools

Money is absolutely necessary for our lives and is intertwined in our everyday schedule. Regardless of your financial situation, having a budget is an essential personal finance management tool and a critical step in achieving financial freedom. Unfortunately, creating a budget and managing your money can be a daunting task. However, with the help of free budgeting tools, managing your finances is easier than ever …

How to Make A Budget

How to Make a Budget Step-By-Step (The Ultimate Guide)

The displeasing B-word – budget. Just like how most people don’t like being on a strict diet, many people don’t enjoy having a budget. Unfortunately, budgeting has been immersed in negative stereotypes. For example, people that have a budget are seen as boring and lacking the joy of the here and now. They’re seen as financially restricted and without freedom to spend as they please. However, this is far from accurate. In fact, budgeting doesn’t restrict your financial freedom, it supports it and helps it flourish …

How to Make Money Online as a Teen

How to Make Money Online as a Teen (20 Best Jobs)

Are you wondering how to make money online as a teen? Many older generations had a job in high school. However, thanks to the internet, babysitting, working at your local grocery store or restaurant, and cutting grass are no longer your only options. You can now earn an income by starting a career in freelancing, creating an online business, taking up a side hustle, or even becoming a YouTuber …

18 an Hour is How Much a Year

$18 an Hour is How Much a Year? – Is It Enough to Live Comfortably?

If you earn 18 dollars an hour, how much will you make in a year? Will you be able to afford a house? Will it be enough to live comfortably? This post is the ultimate guide to making an hourly wage of $18 and how much you will earn per week, month, and year – before and after taxes. I will also answer questions such as, “Is $18 an hour good money,” “What are jobs that pay $18+ an hour,” and much more …

Get Paid to Watch Ads

15 Best Platforms to Get Paid to Watch Ads

Do you want to watch ads to make money? Is it even possible to get paid to watch ads? Watching ads for money may sound like a scam, but it’s a very real thing and a lot easier than you might think. You won’t be able to quit your day job, but you will be able to supplement your income to save more money or purchase something you have been wanting …