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Are you living paycheck to paycheck and want to make a change? Here you will find a collection of our best money management strategies to help you budget your money, pay off debt, and achieve financial freedom.

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How to Make A Budget

How to Make a Budget Step-By-Step

The displeasing B-word – budget. Just like how most people don’t like being on a strict diet, many people don’t enjoy having a budget. Unfortunately, budgeting has been immersed in negative stereotypes. For example, people that have a budget are seen as boring and lacking the joy of the here and now. They’re seen as financially restricted and without freedom to spend as they please. However, this is far from accurate. In fact, budgeting doesn’t restrict your financial freedom, it supports it and helps it flourish. Think of a budget as a financial plan that will help you achieve your goals and eventually reach financial freedom.

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How to Activate American Express Gift Card

How to Activate American Express Gift Card

Are you trying to activate your American Express gift card? Nothing is more frustrating and a bit embarrassing than trying to make a purchase just to have your card declined. Was it because it didn’t have sufficient funds? Was it because the card isn’t activated yet? While insufficient funds is a real possibility, there’s also a chance it just isn’t activated. In this case, you’re in the right place …

Where Can I Retire on 3000 a Month?

Where Can I Retire on $3000 a Month? (Top 30 Locations)

Are you wondering where you can retire on $3000 a month? After spending a large portion of your life working, you’re ready to sail off into the sunset. However, there’s a bit of a problem. If you retire somewhere expensive, you may spend your retirement savings too quickly. Fortunately, moving to a city with a low cost of living can improve your retirement finances tremendously …

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

What Are the 7 Dave Ramsey Baby Steps?

Are you wondering what the 7 Dave Ramsey baby steps are? While I’m sure we have all heard of Dave Ramsey, personal finance expert and author of the bestseller Total Money Makeover, perhaps you haven’t heard of his money-management plan known as the 7 Baby Steps. Or you have heard of it but aren’t sure what they are. Whichever it may be, here are Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps and a break down of each one …

Third Party Checks Cashing

Cashing Third Party Checks (Everything to Know)

Are you in search of the best place to cash a third-party check? With more than two parties involved, it can be much more complicated than cashing a check that was paid to you directly. Because the original recipient signed over the check to a third party, there’s an increased risk of fraudulent activity. With that said, continue reading to find out the best places to cash a third-party check and the answers to frequently asked questions …

What Is a Good Salary for a Single Person?

What Is a Good Salary for a Single Person?

Are you wondering what a good salary is for a single person? Perhaps you just got a new job, and you’re hoping it will pay enough to support an upgrade in your lifestyle. Or maybe you simply want to see if you’re on the right track to achieving your financial goals. Regardless of your reason, understanding what determines a good salary for a single person is very important and a great place to start …

How Many Savings Accounts Should I Have

How Many Savings Accounts Should I Have?

Should you open another savings account just because you can? When would it make sense? We all know savings accounts are an excellent place to set aside our extra money until we’re ready to spend it. Not only do savings accounts protect our money, they also pay interest, which will increase our balances over time. But how many savings accounts should we have? Is two enough? How about five? …

Can I Retire at 60 With 500k

Can I Retire at 60 With 500k? [Your Questions Answered]

Are you wondering if you can retire at 60 with 500k? Whether you’re about to be 60 or much younger, asking the question is the first step. Retirement doesn’t just happen. It’s a numbers game and will take a lot of planning, dedication, and conscious effort from you and your spouse. While some experts may recommend you save at least $1 or even $2 million before retiring, that doesn’t account for your own goals, lifestyle, and sources of retirement income …

Stealth Wealth

Stealth Wealth: The Art of Being Secretly Rich

Have you ever known someone who constantly brags about their net worth, how much they make, or how much they’ve earned in the stock market? On the other hand, you have probably also met someone who is very rich, but you would have never guessed. Maybe this was because they were very humble, wore regular clothes, or even drove a modest car. While some rich people like to flaunt their wealth, others like to keep it a secret …

Debt Free Quotes

50+ Debt Free Quotes for Motivation to Pay Off Debt

Are you looking for debt free quotes to help motivate you to pay off your debt? With an ambitious, but respectable goal of becoming-debt free, it can’t hurt to have as much motivation as you can find. When you first start paying off your debt, you may get a burst of energy and excitement for what it will mean for your financial future. However, becoming debt-free doesn’t happen right away and will take some time and effort …