14 Best Financial News Websites in the World

Financial News Websites

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Are you searching for the best financial news websites to keep Yourself updated on all things finance?

With countless trends, companies, and terms to keep track of, it can seem a bit intimidating.

Fortunately, with news available to us all day long through TV, computers, and smartphones, it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date on current news. But how can you know which sources are the best?

Which one is the best for global market news? Which one is the best for daily stock market updates?

That’s where this article comes into play. Below, we have ranked the 14 best websites for financial news. We’ll discuss what type of financial news they cover and much more.

Best Financial News Websites

Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of websites providing the latest financial news.

Below is a list of the 14 best sources in the world, some of which offer financial news for free.

Some are great for general economic news, while others are excellent for more specific information regarding investing, entrepreneurship, business tech, personal finances, and more.

1. Forbes (Excellent for All Things Finance)

Forbes is a household name and one of the best sources for all things finance and business news related. It provides breaking news on markets, commentary on the biggest stories, analysis, and valuable statistics and data on numerous topics.

On the Forbes website, you will find content relating to the stock market, investing, small business, personal finance, and even subjects such as science, technology, law, marketing, and communications.

While much of the content is free, you can subscribe to become a Forbes member and get unlimited access to member-only events and premium journalism.

2. Bloomberg (Excellent for General Business News)

Financial News Websites

Like Forbes, Bloomberg is among the largest business news sources in the world. In fact, it has a team of more than 3,100 financial journalists across the globe. Bloomberg delivers general business news, data, and analysis.

On the homepage of its website, you’ll find the biggest stories, top headlines, and current market trends.

However, the rest of the site is packed with detailed and real-time quotes on stocks, equities, bonds, forex, commodities, and much more. This data is accompanied by in-depth company analysis.

Although much of the content on Bloomberg is free, you will get unlimited access across all your devices to exclusive content if you subscribe.

3. The Financial Times (Excellent for Real-Time Market Data)

Although it’s not as big as Forbes or Bloomberg, Financial Times is still one of the world’s leading sources of financial news. It’s also recognized internationally for its authority, integrity, and, most importantly, its accuracy.

The Financial Times website provides a wide range of financial content, such as breaking news, commentary, market research, in-depth data and analysis, and more.

However, the best part about the website is that it provides a section for “Market Data.” This section is where readers can find real-time stock quotes, currency converters, and other valuable data points.

4. MarketWatch (Excellent for Financial Investment Tech)

Financial News Websites

A Wall Street publication, MarketWatch is one of the leading innovators in investment tools and data and financial news, and its following of more than 4 million people on Twitter backs that up.

At the top of MarketWatch’s homepage, there is a ticker that allows you to monitor top exchanges, check current stock prices, and view the latest news.

If you browse the rest of the site, you will find the latest headlines, stories, and commentary on the market, stocks, commodities, and other assets.

By creating a free MarketWatch account, you can customize the ticker at the top of their homepage to display stocks of your choice from your watchlist.

5. Reuters (Excellent for Global Market News)

Reuters, the mass media division of Thomson Reuters, is one of the world’s largest and most trusted international sources for business and market news.

It provides coverage of industries and individual companies, making it a great way to stay updated on the latest developments all across the globe.

On the website, the latest news stories are divided by ‘world,’ market, and market sector. For example, you can read about the latest developments in Africa, China, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions across the world.

Reuters also provides readers with analysis tools and extensive market data that helps them make informed investment decisions.

6. Motley Fool (Excellent for Investors)

Financial News Websites

The Motley Fool is a great way to stay informed as an investor and was created to help people across the world achieve their investing goals.

While it’s mainly known for its stock advisor newsletter, it also offers both free and paid content.

The free content includes hundreds of finance-related articles, with many new ones published weekly. Most of the articles focus on individual stocks and provide insights into why their price is moving up or down on a given day.

As for premium content, you will have access to detailed company analysis, live stream videos during market trading hours, tools that help you create and build a portfolio, and much more.

7. CNN Business (Excellent for Latest Business Headlines)

CNN Business (CNN) is one of the world’s leading and largest websites for everything money and finance related.

At the top of its homepage, you will see three sections—one covering markets, one featuring an article, and one listing the top three stories. The rest of CNN Business is super easy to browse and catch up on breaking news.

If you enjoy CNN Business, you should also check out CNN Markets.

CNN Markets is full of the latest headlines about current financial events. It also provides trending stocks, graphs for sector performances, changes in commodities, and more. If something catches your eye, simply click the headline to get further information.

8. Kiplinger (Excellent for Personal Finance)


Founded in 1920, Kiplinger is an excellent website for general personal finance tips, advice, and trends.

Some of the personal finance topics include retirement, saving, real estate, investing, credit, taxes, cars, college, etc.

For instance, there are articles that teach readers how to circumvent absurd fees, the best ways to invest an extra $1,000, and even money advice for newly married couples.

A cool thing about Kiplinger is that it offers quizzes so you can “test your personal finance knowledge.” This is an excellent way for people to get acquainted with topics like social security, credit scores, and much more.

9. Wall Street Journal (Excellent for Economic News)

Founded in 1889, The Wall Street Journal is one of the world’s most famous economic news outlets that provides its readers with the latest financial, business, and stock news.

The WSJ is an excellent source of both broad-based stories about the United States economy in its entirety and investigative journalism that dives into to the core of companies’ inner workings.

Because it’s a journal first and foremost, you’re not likely to find specific investment advice like other sites on our list. Instead, you’ll find content covering major trends in the economy.

Unlike the other websites on our list, The WSJ also only offers paid content. However, you can subscribe for only $4 per month for your first year.

10. Yahoo Finance (Excellent for Company Specific News)

Yahoo Finance

Headquartered in New York City, Yahoo Finance may just be one of the top financial news websites that provides market-wide updates every trading day.

Not only does it provide a wide range of financial content, such as stock quotes, market data, and analysis, it also provides a lot of coverage for individual companies.

For example, it provides announcements from executive suites, which helps investors know where a company is headed. It also publishes the latest press releases that offer insights into new products and services.

While news and content on Yahoo Finance is free, you can sign up for their premium service known as Yahoo Finance Premium.

11. Investing.com (Excellent for Novice Investors)

Simply put, Investing.com is a website that provides excellent investing tools and financial information for novices. That said, much of what it offers can be beneficial for experienced investors as well.

On the website, you will find the latest market news, analysis from many experts, economic calendars, and real-time quotes on various stocks.

However, as previously mentioned, Investing.com also offers many valuable tools, like streaming charts that help investors track stock prices, currency converters, and much more.

12. CNBC (Excellent for Daily Stock Market News)


Owned by Comcast, CNBC is a world leader in business news coverage and a great source of daily stock market news. If you want to keep up on the most significant stories in the stock market daily, its website is the go-to.

The CNBC website provides breaking news, analysis, and commentary on the economy and stock market. The website is divided into many sections like investing, business, and markets.

For example, the silo page “markets” provides readers with a current overview of the stock market along with live quotes and charts.

The majority of news on CNBC is also free. However, you can subscribe to CNBC Pro to gain access to premium live TV, stock picks, and investing insights.

13. This is Money (Excellent for UK Business News)

UK-focused website, This is Money, provides readers with the latest financial news, commentary on markets, economic trends, and personal finance tips.

Its objective is to cover these topics in the most engaging, entertaining, and easiest way to understand.

The site contains a large variety of financial content, such as the latest business stories, market analysis, tips, and advice. It also has a few valuable features like stock market data, company financials, and a currency converter.

While some of the content may not interest you if you are outside the UK, there is definitely something for everyone.

14. TheStreet (Excellent for Current Market Data)


TheStreet is one of the leading digital finance companies that provide actionable steps and ideas in the world of finance, investing, and even business. One of its co-founders, Jim Cramer, is also a significant contributor.

On the website, you will find commentary on current events, market analysis, real-time quotes on stocks, and advice regarding personal finance. However, the site also provides useful tools like an option chain calculator and a stock screener.

While much of this content is free, you can pay for services such as in-depth analysis of the market, stock recommendations, and advanced tactics if you fid yourself wanting more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best financial news sources:

Where Can I Read Financial News for Free?

While the 14 websites listed in this article are all excellent financial news sources, not all offer it for free. However, some do provide both premium and free content.

Of the websites on our list, the best sources to read financial news for free are:

  • Bloomberg: Best for general business news
  • Reuters: Best for global market news
  • CNBC: Best for daily stock market news
  • Yahoo Finance: Best for company specific news
  • Kiplinger: Best for personal finance news

How Can I Stay on Top of Financial News?

With news available to us all day long through TV, computers, and smartphones, it’s easier than ever to stay updated on current news. However, the difficult part is sorting through all available sources and choosing the proper channels.

Considering this, here are the four best ways to stay on top of financial news without getting distracted by all the noise:

  • Follow financial news websites like Forbes, Bloomberg, and Reuters
  • Subscribe to financial newsletters such as Morning Brew
  • Listen to financial podcasts like the Fast Money Podcast
  • Hire a financial advisor that fits your needs

What Is the Best Financial Newsletter?

Do you not have 2 hours per day to read The Wall Street Journal from cover to cover to keep yourself updated on financial news?

That’s where newsletters come into play. Financial newsletters are a great way to stay informed without committing loads of time.

As a subscriber to a financial newsletter, you’ll get the latest news, tips, and education emailed straight to your inbox that you can read while you drink your morning coffee.

According to Money Crashers, some of the best financial newsletters are:

  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor: Focuses on stock picks and beating the market
  • The Minority Mindset: Focuses on entrepreneurship
  • The Hustle: Focuses on business technology
  • Clark Howard: Focuses on personal finance and saving money
  • Morning Brew: Focuses on general business and financial news

What Magazines Do Business People Read?

There are countless magazines that are beneficial for business people to read. Like financial newsletters, the right one for you depends on the type of financial news you’re looking for.

For instance, if you’re looking for general business news, you should consider Bloomberg Businessweek. If you’re looking for economic reporting, you should consider The Economist.

That said, according to The Balance SB, a few of the best business magazines are:

Final Thoughts on the Best Financial News Websites

Keeping yourself updated on financial news is vital to assessing the market, and these 14 websites are by far the best to do so.

They’re also great for financial education regarding entrepreneurship, business technology, investing, personal finance, and so much more.

Considering this, the ones you should follow depend on the type of financial news and education you’re looking for.

For instance, if you’re interested in news and education regarding investing, you should follow The Motley Fool and investing.com. If you’re interested in general business news, you should follow Bloomberg.

That said, what is your favorite financial news website? Did it make our list? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

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